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Mental illness is not a question of willpower. It is not something you just "get over." And ignoring the signs will not make it go away. Sometimes, it just makes things worse.

But there is help.
Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority (SCCMHA) is a network of organizations that serves youth, families and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, serious emotional disorders and behavioral challenges, mental illness and substance use disorders living in Saginaw County, Michigan.

For emergencies

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, call: (989) 792-9732 or (800) 258-8678 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays.
For life threatening emergencies, call 911.

For non-emergencies
For more information or to inquire about services, call: (989) 797-3400 or (800) 258-8678
or visit: